When someone discourages you; Go Hard with determination!

main-qimg-9a5eaafa72f46f4b69971b267cd78819It all started when that someone lashed out at me and said “You are a NOBODY!”

This someone and what s/he said literally made me sick for one whole week. I was in bed for days thinking and thinking until I decided to overcome it and use it to motivate me. Yes I was depressed,  frustrated, and felt “stuck” but I learned to turn things around.

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We don’t know how to be social without our phones!

We can agree to disagree that we have passed the point of having fun without documenting it.

I have noticed many things recently and that’s not only in the teen generation we millennials are guilty of it too. Everywhere we go all heads are down even when a group are sitting/ hanging out together. The only time the heads are up is when someone says let’s take a selfie our a group photo and after inspecting and confirming the picture heads are down again.

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Taking the leap …

Taking the leap involves making a commitment to ourselves and to the Earth itself – making a commitment to let go of old grudges, to not avoid people and situations and emotions that make us feel uneasy, to not cling to our fears, our closed-mindedness, our hardheartedness, our hesitation. Now is the time to develop trust in our basic goodness; a time to develop confidence in our ability to drop our old ways of staying stuck and to choose wisely. We could do that right here and right now.

Snapchat use emoji to verify celebrity accounts


Snapchat-flashy-featuresIt’s about time Snapchat. Finally celebrity users are getting more official presence on the platform. Snapchat is using a new feature called “Official Stories” to verify the accounts of some of its celebrity users, the app is be using emoji symbolize their status (rather than the blue checkmark used by Facebook, Twitter and other networks.)

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To Hire a #SocialMedia Star

Yes, managing social media accounts is not a piece of cake, it’s a challenge many companies and individuals finally realized. Luckily, one of the fastest growing careers today is “social media manager” who should be an expert in that field; take charge of social media platforms and manage and maintaining them.

However, not all who claims to be an expert in the field is actually one. This makes many confused about what to look for when hiring a social media manager/expert. Therefore, I decided to share with you some tips about what you need to look for in a social media manager/expert.

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كفانا تعري

مما قرأت، أكيد أنكم رح تستغربون مثلي .. images

في الآونة الاخيرة كثرة الحوادث والقتل والمرض والحرق والطلاق والخلافات والنزاعات بين الناس و ارتفاع حصيلتها بشكل غير معقول، ولا أنكر أنني تخوفت جدا لمدى الكم المتسارع وأخذ مني الكثير من التفكير والتحليل حيث توصلت إلى أن وسائل التواصل هي من أقوى الأسباب

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نحن من نصنع التفاهه

«لأنهم مشاهير، ولديهم ملايين المتابعين»

11376604_1848179982074750_803056287_nاصبح هذا الرد الأكثر تداولاً في الوقت الحالي و عذراً يتداوله كل من أراد ان يثبت نفسه في مجال التسويق الرقمي .. اذا تابعنا معظم هذه الحسابات سنجد انهم متشابهون في شي واحد فقط “صناعة التفاهه” حيث انها اصبحت احدى اساسيات شهرة الحسابات والاشخاص على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

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