I am a proud daughter of a strong loving mother

With Mother’s Day spirit in the air I would like to share something …

Well, we wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t have a mother. Mothers love, feed, nurture and give us life, they raise us in the best way they can as well as encourage and forgive us.

I have a mother who I believe is not like all mothers, she is not one of those mothers who doesn’t see faults in her children and she has always been true to what she believes in. She stands by her principles and she’s not afraid to make her point of view. My mother is a really good person and what you see with my mother is very much what you get.

Everyone sees Mother’s Day as a day to thank mothers for being there and for being so special. And it is a day for everyone to sit back and celebrate their mothers. But for me I don’t see that its different than any other day. I celebrate my mother every day, I thank my mother everyday by making her proud of everything I do and say. I don’t need a day to remind me how special my mother is nor a day to express my utmost gratitude to her. My mother deserves thanks, celebration and gratitude everyday!

I am a proud daughter of a strong loving mother.

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